Rotary Tree of Remembrance Wexford


Rotary Tree of Remembrance Wexford: Every Ribbon Tells a Story

Remembering Loved Ones and Supporting Local Charities

Location: Wexford Quay, opposite Bank of Ireland

Thank you for all your kind donations, the rembrance tree was a great Success, hope to see you all next Christmas

The Rotary Club of Wexford invites you to be part of a heartwarming tradition this Christmas season – The Rotary Tree of Remembrance. This initiative not only provides a space and time for remembering loved ones in a special way but also contributes to supporting local charities that make a difference in our community.

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What is the Rotary Tree of Remembrance?

The Rotary Tree of Remembrance is a thoughtful Initiative organised by The Rotary Club of Wexford. It creates a meaningful space for cherished memories during the holiday season. This initiative is not just about remembrance; it’s an opportunity to support and create awareness for local charities and support groups that play a vital role in our community.

How Does it Work?

  1. Date: The Rotary Tree of Remembrance will be available from December 9th to December 22nd, providing ample time for you to participate.
  2. Location: You can find the Remembrance Tree on the Wexford Quay front opposite Bank of Ireland, open for donations 7 days a week.
  3. Remembering Loved Ones: Members of the public are invited to place a yellow ribbon on the tree, adorned with the name or message of their loved one.
  4. Supporting Local Charities: Alongside remembering your loved ones, this year, your contributions will benefit the Hope Support Centre, Wexford Marine Watch, and the Rotary Foundation.
  5. Creating awareness for local Support group: In this vein of community solidarity, we wish to bring attention to the Cuan Aingeal support group, a haven for bereaved parents and families.  

Purple Ribbons: A Symbol of Delicate Solidarity

We are proud to introduce support and help create awareness for the Cuan Aingeal Support Group, a sanctuary for bereaved parents and families. By uniting with Cuan Aingeal, we affirm our commitment to providing solace and a shared space for healing and remembrance and “Creating hope in the world”. We recognise that some losses cut profoundly deep, marking the heart with a grief that is beyond words. In a tender show of solidarity and understanding, we offer purple ribbons to honour parents and families who have faced the indescribable loss of a child.

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How Can You Contribute?

Your participation in the Rotary Tree of Remembrance is just a click away. Purchase a ribbon and contribute to this meaningful initiative. Your donation will not only help support local charities but will also add a touch of remembrance to the holiday season.

“In addition to this initiative, there is a separate Remembrance tree located at St. Iberius Church. This tree offers a tranquil space for reflection and remembrance, providing another meaningful way to honour your loved one’s memory.”


Join us in creating a tapestry of memories and supporting those who need it most this Christmas. The Rotary Tree of Remembrance is more than a tree; it’s a symbol of love, community, and compassion.

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Thank you

The Rotary Club of Wexford

Together, we make a difference.