Just 1 Life

The Rotary Club of Wexford and the Wexford County Council have joined forces in an award winning road safety initiative aimed at young people that is very much community based.

The objective of the Just 1 Life is to save young peoples lives. This is done by demonstrating the common causes of accidents to 15-17 year old transition year students in a practical manner which they can understand.

This is a “shock and awe” approach.

In a hard hitting ”no holds-barred” presentation students witness a series of shocking interactive videos and presentations.

The Just 1 Life programme emphasises the stark realities and often tragic results of inappropriate driving behaviours. Students are told that many of them will be involved in a serious accident at some stage in their lives, that they may kill or be killed or badly injured while in a vehicle on the roads. It provides much food for thought for these drivers of the future, and seeks to influence the choices they will make as young drivers, in the age group accepted as being most at risk of having a serious traffic collision.

Just One Life Rotary


What have these students in common:

  • They are all about to become drivers
  • They are thinking of acquiring their first car
  • They are considering insurance for that car or the cost of insurance on a parent’s car
  • Most of them will be involved in a serious car accident at some stage in their lives
  • Some of them might be killed or will kill.


A sister Rotary Club in Sydney Australia started such a programme in 2000 following the tragic death of the children of some of their club members on a night out. Since then the project has become the official programme for this age group and extend across the whole of Australia and New Zealand. Therefore, this project is tried, tested, and proven to produce results.


Since 2006 the Wexford programme has developed and matured through three venues as student numbers have increased. The current venue is Wexford’s magnificent National Opera House. All 24 County Wexford’s secondary schools take part with 2000+ pupils involved.


The Programme

The programme runs from 0930 until 1300 and consists of presentations from;

An Garda Síochána,

Wexford Mental Health Association,

National Ambulance Service,

Wexford County Fire Service,

Dr. Paul Kelly, A&E Consultant, Wexford General Hospital.

Cycling and Walking – Wexford County Council.

The programme has been observed by the National Road Safety Authority, The Police Service of Northern Ireland, Wicklow County Council, Students Union of UCD, as well as the Rotary Clubs of Dublin, Cork, Banbridge, Clonmel, Monaghan and Youghal. Some of these have successfully started their own programme.


Has it been successful

We cannot be absolutely sure but Garda statistics for the five years to 2018 concerning 16-30 cohort known to produce half of the national fatalities show only 3 fatalities for County Wexford. In fact for 3 years the number was zero. These figures compare very favourably with similar Counties.

One teacher who has been with the programme from the start stated “that he had been teaching for 27 years and he had been to 23 past and present pupils funerals. In the first 6 years since his students had been involved he had not been to one.

Student Feedback

Todays event will really help me in the future. When I start to drive I will be more aware of the road. Thank you for all.

Brilliant day and would encourage all of the schools in Wexford and Ireland to do it.

I thought it was a brilliant presentation. It definitely scared me which has made me more aware of car safety.

It was very educational. Scarey but necessary.


For those wishing to be involved or for further information please contact;

Mike Brand

087 6387370


If you want to participate in this initiative or similar projects that help the community in County Wexford, please consider joining the Rotary Club of Wexford

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