Rotary Club International

The Wexford Rotary Club works in the international field supporting many charities and international efforts for relief projects around the world such as the following:
Namibia Orphanage
Wexford Rotary Club gives financial support to an Orphanage in Namibia.
Sand Dam Project
This year the Wexford Rotary are supporting a project in Kenya called the Sam Dam project.
Kenya receives as much rain as Ireland does in a year, however they receive this all at once and the fresh water is lost to the sea in floods. This project simply shows villagers how they can make a series of dams and reserve this water. This in turn means that children can attend schools as they do not have to track for miles to retrieve water for their families on a daily basis.


Model of Sand Dam in South Kenya


Matt Porter District International Chairman Rotary Ireland discussing the Sand Dam project with TY girls of Presentation Secondary School Wexford

The Shelterbox project is a project which does what it says in its title. In essence it is a survival box which contains many items which help families survive without shelter and food, such as a tent sleeping bags, cooking utensils, food etc. Rotary international have stations all over the world and when climatic or civil disasters strike and people loose everything. A series of these survival boxes are dropped off to help people survive the immediate impact of the disaster until further help can be obtained.
Wexford Rotary Club has sponsored a series of these for the recent Haiti disaster.